Choosing Respect: Peacebuilding and Addressing Bullying

By Chris Todd, Communications Officer at Generations For Peace Today marks the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week, which recognises that children and young people have the power to set a positive example by opting to respect each other at school, in their homes and communities, and online. This idea of youth leadership is something that Generations For Peace supports and upon which our programmes and activities … Continue reading Choosing Respect: Peacebuilding and Addressing Bullying

More than a Number: a Syrian Refugee Story (Video)

By Chris Todd, English Copywriter at Generations For Peace Her life was defined by an event that began 7 years ago today. To many, she is just one of 11 million – a mere number. But Ruba is more than a statistic: she is a mother, a daughter, a friend who, like many, has been deeply impacted by the Syrian Civil War. The conflict has … Continue reading More than a Number: a Syrian Refugee Story (Video)

Embracing Diversity to Build Peace

By Hiba Antoun, Generations For Peace Volunteer and Pioneer Facilitator If values were described by colour, we would see a broad spectrum, ranging from one extreme to the other. When light passes through, these colours stand out, symbolising different interests. Being the youngest member of my family was challenging, especially since it was accompanied by low expectations of what I could achieve. As a result, … Continue reading Embracing Diversity to Build Peace


Crossroads and Encounters

By Vignesh Ramachandran, Communications Intern Mafraq means crossroads, and it is at the crossroads of many things. Mafraq is this mixture of western town meets Mars-like desert, without all the colour. Its beige buildings seemingly melt into the pale brown desert background under the harsh summer sunlight. Its sparse population was once a trading post at the intersection of highways: Iraq in the east, Syria … Continue reading Crossroads and Encounters

Partnering with UNICEF in Jordan

Communications Department, Generations For Peace If you have been keeping a keen eye on our social media channels, you will know that Generations For Peace (GFP) recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. A special booklet is now available online and highlights our journey, from passion to impact – do check it out. It was a unique occasion to reflect on all the organisation has achieved to date and that … Continue reading Partnering with UNICEF in Jordan