GFP Stories of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

By Chris Todd, Communications Officer at Generations For Peace United Nations Day 2018 marks the 73rd anniversary of the UN Charter’s entry into force and celebrates everything that the UN represents and has achieved since its establishment in 1945. Generations For Peace is proud to contribute to the UN Global Sustainability Goals (SDGs), set out by the United Nations 2030 Agenda. While our programming touches … Continue reading GFP Stories of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Ask the Experts, 3

“What is the meaning of Peace Building?” In the third post of our blog series entitled, “Ask the Experts,” Generations For Peace is joined by 9 of the world’s leading peace-building NGOs to answer a new question in honour of the movement to add the word “peacebuilding” to the dictionary. To learn more about this campaign, visit its website here. Melanie Greenberg | Former CEO at the … Continue reading Ask the Experts, 3