A Refugee’s Story: Hanan 

By Chris Todd, Communications Officer at Generations For Peace. Arabic version by Abeer Allan, Senior Content Specialist at Generations For Peace. Her home of Daraa is a mere 13 kilometres from Syria’s southern border and from the country which she now calls her home. Yet where her life was once characterized by joy and peace, it has since been marked with trauma after fleeing violence … Continue reading A Refugee’s Story: Hanan 

Bringing Hope Home – Jalel’s Story

By Mouad Ahdi, GFP Communications Intern Jalel once wanted nothing more than to leave his country. Like many of his friends and other youth across Tunisia, he was faced with a wide array of challenges, which made his future appear very difficult. Many of the youth he knew were willing to give anything to leave the country: some were ready to go to extreme lengths … Continue reading Bringing Hope Home – Jalel’s Story

Full Circle: How I Chose to Take a Risk…and It Paid Off

By Rosie Awad, Generations For Peace Communications Team I knew my parents would not take the news well, which is exactly why I had avoided telling them. But as I had a signed contract in my inbox, two weeks until my start date, and a one-way flight to book, I decided it was time to break the news. “I’m moving back to Jordan,” I blurted … Continue reading Full Circle: How I Chose to Take a Risk…and It Paid Off

Achieving a Life-Work-Volunteer Balance

By Tornike Chargeishvili, Generations For Peace volunteer and Pioneer Facilitator from Georgia Sometimes I say that I was born to be a volunteer. I started volunteering as far back as I can remember, following my inner call to action, and I have volunteered for many social activities and organisations, both on a local and on international level. Volunteering brings me so much fulfillment and I … Continue reading Achieving a Life-Work-Volunteer Balance


Life in a Warzone: Interview with Marwan Almagedi

A territory that has been inhabited since 5000 BC, Yemen has a vast history which includes rule by several powerful dynasties including the Sabaeans, Minaeans, Ayyubids, and most recently the Ottomans and the British. In part due to this diversity of influence, there is impressive ethnic variety amongst Yemeni residents (comprising Arabs, North and East Africans, South Asians and Europeans) as well as noteworthy religious … Continue reading Life in a Warzone: Interview with Marwan Almagedi