10 Years of Adaptiveness and Resilience in Nigeria

By Aseel Zahran, Outreach Officer at Generations For Peace 2018 marked 10 years since the launch of Generations For Peace’s Nigerian peacebuilding programmes. It all started in 2008 with a few volunteers in Kaduna State who wanted to address the breakdown in relations between their communities with a series of sport-based activities aimed at uniting young people from different ethnicities. As GFP looks back at … Continue reading 10 Years of Adaptiveness and Resilience in Nigeria

Choosing Forgiveness over Revenge

By Generations For Peace, Nigeria The Sharia Crisis of 2000 has left many families in devastation, even 18 years after the episode. In April, we posted stories of some Delegates who lost loved ones to the crisis. Just like them, many others too lost loved ones to the violence that arose. Abubakar Isah and Umma Muhammad Garba, Participants in Generations For Peace Advocacy For Peace … Continue reading Choosing Forgiveness over Revenge

Abdiel Kude - GFP volunteer

I Could Have Become a Militant or Terrorist

By Abdiel Kude, Generations For Peace volunteer and facilitator There was a time when the only option I considered was identifying a militant or terrorist group I could join in Nigeria. Seriously, I really did contemplate stepping into that world – to do stuff. The idea would not leave my mind, and try as I might, it was stuck there for years. I felt the … Continue reading I Could Have Become a Militant or Terrorist

Empowering Women for Peace!

Interview conducted by Sarah Squires, Communications Officer, Generations For Peace Because of your generosity, the #IWantToBe Empowering Women for Peace campaign finally reached the $7000 mark! Thank you for always believing in our volunteers and the value of this programme. We could not have done this without you all. Over the weekend, we caught up with several volunteers in Nigeria to see how things are … Continue reading Empowering Women for Peace!

Nigeria - Participatory Evaluation

Revisiting Participatory Evaluation – Nigerian Style

By Edward Beswick, Research Coordinator, Generations For Peace Institute

Generations For Peace (GFP) conducted the first-ever set of local Participatory Evaluations (PEs) in 2014. Over the course of nine months, staff from GFP HQ travelled to 11 countries on three different continents to support our GFP volunteers who carried out the PEs for 22 programmes in total.

Continue reading “Revisiting Participatory Evaluation – Nigerian Style”