The Borders We Cross

By Wala’ AlSmadi, Programmes Officer and Pioneer Facilitator at Generations For Peace, and Zakaria El Baba, Pioneer at Generations For Peace 68.5 million. That’s the number of forcibly displaced people across the globe who have fled their homes to escape violence and persecution, seeking safety, comfort, and home, oftentimes far from those they knew. Today, on International Migrants’ Day, we recognise migration as a courageous … Continue reading The Borders We Cross

Bringing Hope Home – Jalel’s Story

By Mouad Ahdi, GFP Communications Intern Jalel once wanted nothing more than to leave his country. Like many of his friends and other youth across Tunisia, he was faced with a wide array of challenges, which made his future appear very difficult. Many of the youth he knew were willing to give anything to leave the country: some were ready to go to extreme lengths … Continue reading Bringing Hope Home – Jalel’s Story

More than a Number: a Syrian Refugee Story (Video)

By Chris Todd, English Copywriter at Generations For Peace Her life was defined by an event that began 7 years ago today. To many, she is just one of 11 million – a mere number. But Ruba is more than a statistic: she is a mother, a daughter, a friend who, like many, has been deeply impacted by the Syrian Civil War. The conflict has … Continue reading More than a Number: a Syrian Refugee Story (Video)