Lana’s Story: Breaking the Mould

Chris Todd, Communications Officer at Generations For Peace Lana has become used to the prolonged stares and the sideways glances she receives while her mother drives her through town. In her community in Aqaba Governorate, few women are able to drive, and seeing a woman take the wheel and choose her own direction is somewhat of an unfamiliar and even striking concept. The way Lana … Continue reading Lana’s Story: Breaking the Mould

Ask the Experts, 5

“What do you feel is an example of overlooked discrimination and how might we address it?” In the fifth post of our “Ask the Experts” blog series, Generations For Peace is joined by 10 leaders from various industries to answer a new question in honour of Zero Discrimination Day. Monica Curca | Founder & Managing Director, Activate Labs I wonder if there is such a thing as overlooked discrimination? … Continue reading Ask the Experts, 5