11 Years of GFP (Video)

By Chris Todd, English Copywriter for Generations For Peace It was 11 years ago today that Generations For Peace began as a peace-through-sport organisation. In just over a decade, we have grown immensely – with active programmes in 50 countries around the globe and five vehicles for peace building, GFP has made a name for itself in the peace-building field, reaching hundreds of thousands of … Continue reading 11 Years of GFP (Video)

Q&A with Abdiel Kude: Supporting Women in Leadership Positions!

By Abdiel Kude, GFP Volunteer from Nigeria

What are some of the issues women face in Nigeria:

Some societal issues women face in Nigeria relate to low self-perception (a large number of women do not see themselves as pro-anything), low self esteem, relegation by men in the community and society at large, Continue reading “Q&A with Abdiel Kude: Supporting Women in Leadership Positions!”

Empowerment For Peace

Empowerment For Peace is one of the five vehicles for peace building that Generations For Peace uses to transform conflict. Empowerment For Peace refers to activities that provide capacity building for youth and adults who are trapped in a conflict as a result of their lack of power, influence, or status. These programmes offer participants new skills to help them break out of a cycle of destructive conflict. Why does GFP use … Continue reading Empowerment For Peace