A Refugee’s Story: Hanan 

By Chris Todd, Communications Officer at Generations For Peace. Arabic version by Abeer Allan, Senior Content Specialist at Generations For Peace. Her home of Daraa is a mere 13 kilometres from Syria’s southern border and from the country which she now calls her home. Yet where her life was once characterized by joy and peace, it has since been marked with trauma after fleeing violence … Continue reading A Refugee’s Story: Hanan 

Mercia at the GFPI Forum 2014

Do I Need to Be an Expert to Build Peace?

By Mercia Takavarasha, Programmes Officer at Generations For Peace I have always had a call to give back. But it was not until in 1996 when I began teaching in Mvuma, a small mining town in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe, that my volunteer streak was awakened. The mining community had people from poor economic and social backgrounds. My interaction was with mischievous students who … Continue reading Do I Need to Be an Expert to Build Peace?

Hana Jumah - GFP volunteer and facilitator

The Art of Facilitation…The Art of Learning

By Hana Jumah, Generations For Peace volunteer and facilitator Have you noticed that people celebrate, eat, show their emotions and learn differently? This is all very normal and can be attributed to their age, educational backgrounds, learning styles, traditions and cultural norms. My journey as a volunteer facilitator with Generations For Peace (GFP) started four years ago. I believed that practicing facilitation, and passing on … Continue reading The Art of Facilitation…The Art of Learning