Bringing Hope Home – Jalel’s Story

By Mouad Ahdi, GFP Communications Intern Jalel once wanted nothing more than to leave his country. Like many of his friends and other youth across Tunisia, he was faced with a wide array of challenges, which made his future appear very difficult. Many of the youth he knew were willing to give anything to leave the country: some were ready to go to extreme lengths … Continue reading Bringing Hope Home – Jalel’s Story

Ask the Experts, 3

“What is the meaning of Peace Building?” In the third post of our blog series entitled, “Ask the Experts,” Generations For Peace is joined by 9 of the world’s leading peace-building NGOs to answer a new question in honour of the movement to add the word “peacebuilding” to the dictionary. To learn more about this campaign, visit its website here. Melanie Greenberg | Former CEO at the … Continue reading Ask the Experts, 3

Connecting with People in the Field – Does It Matter?

By Wala Al-Smadi, Lead Pioneer and Programmes Officer at Generations For Peace Throughout my volunteering and my working experience, the field has always been the cornerstone of everything I do. Engaging directly with and working alongside people in the field is something I really enjoy: it has empowered me with life-changing experiences, left a great impact on my character and personality, and supported me in … Continue reading Connecting with People in the Field – Does It Matter?

Trauma’s Transformation to Peacebuilding

By Chris Todd, Communications Officer at Generations For Peace The walls of the tiny cell shook as grenades exploded outside the confines of the local police station where Alpha and his family hid for the better part of two days. It was April 2, 1994. 24 hours earlier, at 6pm on April 1, the small township of Masingbi in the centre of Sierra Leone fell … Continue reading Trauma’s Transformation to Peacebuilding

The Sixth Dimension of Safe Spaces – Mobility

By Fenna Slenter, Research Writing Intern with Generations For Peace Today marks International Youth Day – a day that celebrates youth and invites actors to address youth issues worldwide. This year’s theme aims to promote youth engagement and empowerment by exploring the meaning of safe spaces. What exactly constitutes a safe space is often unclear, perhaps because a safe space means different things to different … Continue reading The Sixth Dimension of Safe Spaces – Mobility