Partnering with UNICEF in Jordan

Communications Department, Generations For Peace If you have been keeping a keen eye on our social media channels, you will know that Generations For Peace (GFP) recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. A special booklet is now available online and highlights our journey, from passion to impact – do check it out. It was a unique occasion to reflect on all the organisation has achieved to date and that which is yet to come! In the spirit of reminiscing, we started thinking about 2016 – what a busy year it was! From growing partnerships to programme expansions and lots… Read More

Reflections on an inclusive way of analysing grass-root conflicts

By Love Calissendorff, Research Specialist, Generations For Peace Institute Analysing conflicts is one of the most important aspects of implementing peace-building programmes. Understanding the conflict(s) and context(s) in which a programme is being implemented is crucial in order to ensure that it addresses the relevant issues. That being said, analysing conflicts can be both complicated and time consuming. There are also several different theoretical frameworks and methodologies to navigate depending on the type and scope of the programme, which can be confusing when embarking on a conflict analysis. This piece will focus on… Read More

Da’esh Killed My Brother

By Richard Juilliart, Generations For Peace photographer and Sarah Squires, Senior Communications Officer Tunisia’s ‘Jasmine Revolution’ was triggered by the dire economic situation, corruption and political repression faced in the country. But it was the shocking death of Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26-year-old man, that inspired demands for reform. Mohamed, the sole provider for his family, was a fruit and vegetable seller but unable to obtain a permit, he was often forced to pay bribes to keep his livelihood going. The details of what followed are disputed to this day; however, on 17 December 2010,… Read More

Coffee, Tea, and Treasured Memories!

AT16 - GFP staff, volunteers and interns

Getting to Know GFPI’s Interns (CIEE) Ester Fang, Alexandra Turley, and Ash Malhotra, three university students from the United States, recently completed an internship with the Generations For Peace Institute (GFPI). They helped us out with a lot of different, important tasks, from a research project on Countering Violent Extremism to providing vital assistance at the recent Samsung Advanced Training 2016 (AT16). Their internship has come to end, but before they left us we asked them to tell us a little more about themselves so that we can share it with the… Read More

Northern Ireland: Learning from the Conflict

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By Sarah Squires, Communications Officer at Generations For Peace The conflict in Northern Ireland can be traced back to the 17th century, when the English monarchy attempted to anglicise the nation. Up until this point the island had remained Gaelic Irish for the most part, despite the invasion of Vikings, Normans and English. Over time, English Protestants and Scottish Presbyterians colonised the northern counties of Ireland – commonly known as the Plantation of Ulster. Relations between the Catholic Gaelic tenants and the new landlords were hostile, and many turbulent years followed. In… Read More