The Sixth Dimension of Safe Spaces – Mobility

By Fenna Slenter, Research Writing Intern with Generations For Peace Today marks International Youth Day – a day that celebrates youth and invites actors to address youth issues worldwide. This year’s theme aims to promote youth engagement and empowerment by exploring the meaning of safe spaces. What exactly constitutes a safe space is often unclear, perhaps because a safe space means different things to different … Continue reading The Sixth Dimension of Safe Spaces – Mobility

Full Circle: How I Chose to Take a Risk…and It Paid Off

By Rosie Awad, Generations For Peace Communications Team I knew my parents would not take the news well, which is exactly why I had avoided telling them. But as I had a signed contract in my inbox, two weeks until my start date, and a one-way flight to book, I decided it was time to break the news. “I’m moving back to Jordan,” I blurted … Continue reading Full Circle: How I Chose to Take a Risk…and It Paid Off

The “S” before “He” Matters

By Noor Maloul, Programmes Officer at Generations For Peace “‘Because you are a girl.’ Whenever I hear this word, I get upset. Being a female made me lose many of the opportunities in life, or this is what I thought it did. While growing up, whenever I thought about doing something, I received the answer of ‘No, because you are a girl and girls don’t … Continue reading The “S” before “He” Matters

Ask The Experts, 2

“Do children and youth in high-conflict areas receive the support they need to lead others away from violent conflict?” In the second post of our blog series entitled, “Ask the Experts,” Generations For Peace is joined by leading NGOs working with children and youth around the globe to answer a new question in honour of International Day of InnocentChildren Victims of Aggression. Elizabeth Hume | Senior Director for Programs … Continue reading Ask The Experts, 2

The Why and How of “Aha! Moments”

By Aseel Zahran, Outreach Officer at Generations For Peace It was not as if the concept was new to me. It’s probably not new to you either. We have all heard stories of an epiphany or an eye-opening realisation that had a significant impact on someone’s perspective or their approach to how they do things. In my line of work with peace-building practitioners and researchers, … Continue reading The Why and How of “Aha! Moments”