Localising UNSCR 2250: Lessons from the Kampala Youth Seminar

By Lindsay McClain Opiyo, Development and Partnerships Specialist at Generations For Peace Last November, I had the pleasure of participating in the World Federation of United Nations Associations’ (WFUNA) “Kampala Youth Seminar” in Uganda with two Generations For Peace Delegates. The seminar brought together over 80 youth from 13 countries to discuss how to promote and localise UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on youth, peace, and security. The seminar was a mixture of presentations and breakout sessions designed to increase understanding of UNSCR 2250 and develop youth-generated recommendations for driving forward the youth, peace,… Read More

Community is Everything

By Sarah Squires, Senior Communications Officer Imagine your life is defined by a before and after. Many of us can relate to this idea. Those of us who have experienced illness, bereavement or a great upheaval can pinpoint a moment when life as we knew it was turned on its head. In the midst of this realisation, a silent voice screams out – things will never be the same again. It is painful and challenging, but somehow, we find a way through the murky waters. Propelled forward by an innate survival instinct,… Read More

Youth-led Peacebuilding: Lessons from the field

By Megan Mineiro, Communications Department  On 21 September 2017, the International Day of Peace, Generations For Peace (GFP) hosted a special forum on Youth-led Peacebuilding at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York aimed at turning the words of UN Security Council Resolution 2250 (UNSCR 2250) into actions. Mark Clark, CEO of GFP, launched the forum reminding more than a dozen peace-building NGOs and partners to hold onto the words of UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez: “We need to be a world at peace. We are currently a world in pieces.”… Read More

Global Goals for All Humanity

By Mark Clark, CEO of Generations For Peace United Nations “2030 Agenda” and the Sustainable Development Goals: the contribution of Generations For Peace and the importance of partnerships On his first day in office, on 1st January 2017, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres pledged: “Let us resolve to put peace first”. That was a powerful opening statement making clear and direct the importance of the linkage between peace building and development at the heart of the mission of the United Nations. Indeed, the United Nations 2030 Agenda which sets out 17 Sustainable… Read More

Uganda – “The Pearl of Africa”

By Vignesh Ramachandran, Communications Intern In 2012, Uganda was propelled into the international spotlight following a viral video and online campaign #Kony2012. It called for US intervention and global attention to the war crimes and child soldiers of Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Five years later, LRA forces have receded and global attention on Uganda has dissipated. But what has been done about the inter-tribal and inter-religious conflict and gender-based violence that has plagued the country since the retreat of colonialism in the 1960s? Uganda is home to… Read More