11 Years of GFP (Video)

By Chris Todd, English Copywriter for Generations For Peace It was 11 years ago today that Generations For Peace began as a peace-through-sport organisation. In just over a decade, we have grown immensely – with active programmes in 50 countries around the globe and five vehicles for peace building, GFP has made a name for itself in the peace-building field, reaching hundreds of thousands of … Continue reading 11 Years of GFP (Video)

Ask the Experts

“What are the most significant opportunities and pressing challenges for NGOs seeking to support youth-led peace building?” In the first post of a new blog series entitled, “Ask the Experts,” a selection of nine NGO, youth, and peace-building experts answer a new question from Generations For Peace. Mark Clark | CEO of Generations For Peace There are enormous opportunities for NGOs to engage youth in … Continue reading Ask the Experts

Friendship in the Face of Division

Chris Todd, English Copywriter for Generations For Peace Their friendship was not just unlikely – it was in many ways unwelcome. If you were to list out every detail about them, you would have to place the word “different” in front of it: different homes, different genders, different traditions, different schools, different ethnicities, and the list continues. Unfortunately, in the case of Begimay and Yashko, … Continue reading Friendship in the Face of Division

Localising UNSCR 2250: Lessons from the Kampala Youth Seminar

By Lindsay McClain Opiyo, Development and Partnerships Specialist at Generations For Peace Last November, I had the pleasure of participating in the World Federation of United Nations Associations’ (WFUNA) “Kampala Youth Seminar” in Uganda with two Generations For Peace Delegates. The seminar brought together over 80 youth from 13 countries to discuss how to promote and localise UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on youth, peace, and security. … Continue reading Localising UNSCR 2250: Lessons from the Kampala Youth Seminar

How ‘Commonplace’ Activities Build Peace

By Sarah Squires, Senior Communications Officer Imagine your life is defined by a before and after. Many of us can relate to this idea. Those of us who have experienced illness, bereavement or a great upheaval can pinpoint a moment when life as we knew it was turned on its head. In the midst of this realisation, a silent voice screams out – things will … Continue reading How ‘Commonplace’ Activities Build Peace