The Ups and Downs of Mobile Data Collection

By Sairah Yusuf, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Generations For Peace Institute Since May 2016, Generations For Peace (GFP) has used mobile-based data collection methods to survey close to 3500 people across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region – 1241 from 10 communities in Lebanon, 1274 across 24 school-based locales in Jordan, and 1073 across 3 governorates in Tunisia. For the organisation, this has been a massive expansion in terms of data collected via mobiles, and it has brought with it plenty of learning opportunities. Building on both our successes and our… Read More

Getting to Know Our Summer Field Researcher

Naomi Burnett, Summer Field Researcher, Generations For Peace As part of our partnership with the University of Oxford, Generations For Peace Institute (GFPI) recruited Naomi as our Summer Field Researcher for 2016. Naomi is working alongside GFPI staff to complete a research project focused on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). For more on this new addition to GFPI, please continue reading. My name is Naomi and I am half British, half German. Originally from Berlin, I completed a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences with a focus on Human Rights Law and International Relations at… Read More

Piloting Dialogue For Peace: Research on Three Pilot Dialogue Programmes in Georgia, Ghana and Macedonia

By Edward Beswick, Research Coordinator, Generations For Peace Institute In August 2015, Generations For Peace (GFP) held an international training offering local volunteers from Georgia, Ghana and Macedonia expertise on dialogue, one of the five GFP vehicles for peace building. GFP’s Dialogue For Peace Programme (DPP) involves carefully facilitated dialogue sessions with older youth and adults from different sides of the conflict divide, to deepen their own understanding of each other, support empowerment shifts, and help transform existing conflict in their communities. Following the August 2015 training, GFP volunteers are piloting DPPs… Read More

Data Collection: “Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail”

Sri Lanka - GFP programme

By Alex Hamilton, GFP Oxford PhD scholar Collecting data properly is difficult. In theory, research must be organised, consistent and clear so that people can trust the results and reproduce them. But in reality, field researchers face complex challenges that limit the degree to which they can conform to the principles of well-conducted scientific research. The process of collecting the right data is about a balance between what is scientifically desirable, and what is realistically possible. In this piece, I will build on my previous blog about methods testing and will identify some… Read More

On listening: Field notes from a legal perspective

Bosnia and Herzegovina

By Seham Areff, Oxford Summer Field Researcher I always thought I was a good listener. As a (former) debater and a (current) lawyer, I need to be good at this, right? I need to be able to listen actively in order to tease out the truth. However, having spent this summer in Sarajevo as an Oxford Summer Field Researcher for Generations For Peace (GFP), I’ve realised that I was pretty bad at listening. The law only taught me how to “listen to react” and not how to “listen to understand”. The latter… Read More