Empowering Women for Peace!

Interview conducted by Sarah Squires, Communications Officer, Generations For Peace Because of your generosity, the #IWantToBe Empowering Women for Peace campaign finally reached the $7000 mark! Thank you for always believing in our volunteers and the value of this programme. We could not have done this without you all. Over the weekend, we caught up with several volunteers in Nigeria to see how things are going, and of course to share a very important update with them! After absorbing the wonderful news, this is what they had to say! First of all,… Read More

Drawing dreams in the sand: the pursuit of hope

Social Cohesion Programme - participants

By Sarah Squires, Communications Officer, Generations For Peace (Interview conducted in Arabic with the support of Amani Al-Nsairat, Programmes Coordinator, Generations For Peace) When Amira was a little girl in Homs, Syria, she dreamed of becoming an architect. She would play on dusty construction sites and envision majestic buildings sprouting from the ground, drawing her dreams in the sand. Her life has changed greatly since those days, and over time her dreams began to slowly disappear, as though they never belonged to her at all. “We’re Bedouins,” she explains. “In our tribe… Read More

Q&A with Joy Anthony: Empowering women in Nigeria

Joy Anthony

By Joy Anthony, GFP Volunteer from Nigeria What are some of the issues women face in Nigeria? Women in Kaduna face many challenges that prevent them from being guaranteed gender equality and empowerment. For example, a number of women are unaware of their inheritance rights and the freedom to purchase land due to inconsistent religious interpretations concerning these rights. Women in the community are not as actively involved in community decision-making due to their disempowerment (e.g. from lack of skills or resources for income generation). There is limited knowledge and skills for effective… Read More

Volunteers complete ongoing activities in the first-ever GFP programme in Libya!

When our volunteers (delegates) from Libya first entered the Generations For Peace (GFP) headquarters for Amman Camp 2013, they did so with a clear purpose and focused objectives. These carefully selected individuals were keen to address issues stemming from the escalating political crises, which had resulted in various risks ranging from delays to school education, a lack of volunteering opportunities, and an increase in youth joining rival militias. Following an intensive training on peace-building and conflict transformation methodologies in Amman, our volunteers returned to Tripoli ready to implement the first-ever GFP programme… Read More

The West Bank Files

By Nabila Hussein, Knowledge, Education and Outreach Officer, Generations For Peace Today the Generations For Peace Institute (GFPI) is proud to be making accessible the first set in a series of research papers focused on Generations For Peace (GFP) programme impact. GFP recognises the importance of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for measuring the quality of our programmes, for assessing our tools (including the cascading approach) and for strengthening our future programming. For these reasons, this series of research is of the utmost importance. The Reports: based on programming in the West Bank… Read More