Elia Saikaly

A few days back you met Matt, now meet his fellow Canadian, Elia Saikaly… What has been your favourite photography project/job/experience? My favourite project experience is actually a tie. It’s a toss up between orchestrating an interactive learning experience for 130 schools on a journey to the top of the world – Mt. Everest where students followed the experience in real-time from their classrooms via social … Continue reading Elia Saikaly

Jordanian Delegate Mo'ath, Amman Camp 2013

Our Jordanian Delegate – Mo’ath

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? The ability to fly because then I would feel free. I also wouldn’t have to pay for airline tickets. What was your favourite part of the Amman Camp 2013? I think everyone received the content well over the ten days. It was like a piece of cake that everyone could eat. Describe peace … Continue reading Our Jordanian Delegate – Mo’ath

Our Palestinian Delegate – Saleem Al Qaimari

What was your favourite part of the camp? I gained: new methods to learn and new trainings like advocacy. The trainers had good skills, and we had a good relationship together – hopefully we will see them again – I love GFP! In three words, tell us what peace means to you. Relationships, Smiles, Togetherness. If you could be animal what would you be? A bird … Continue reading Our Palestinian Delegate – Saleem Al Qaimari

Safiya, Amman Camp 2013

Safiya’s Story

Today is the last day of the Amman Camp. We have come to the close of this amazing journey. While it is sad to see our Delegates leave, we are excited about the new adventures that they will embark on! What will they do with the skills they have learnt from the Amman Camp? What kind of Generations For Peace programmes will they implement in their home … Continue reading Safiya’s Story

Sarah Al Sarori - Yemeni Delegate, Amman Camp 2013

Sarah Al Sarori – Yemeni Delegate

What was your favourite part of the Camp? It surpassed my expectations. The Pioneer Facilitators were great with us, providing help and information during the Camp. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be, and why? New York! I was there in 2012 and I really like the lifestyle and people. The city matches my personality, and I think it … Continue reading Sarah Al Sarori – Yemeni Delegate