The Ups and Downs of Mobile Data Collection

By Sairah Yusuf, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Generations For Peace Institute Since May 2016, Generations For Peace (GFP) has used mobile-based data collection methods to survey close to 3500 people across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region – 1241 from 10 communities in Lebanon, 1274 across 24 school-based locales in Jordan, and 1073 across 3 governorates in Tunisia. For the organisation, this has been a massive expansion in terms of data collected via mobiles, and it has brought with it plenty of learning opportunities. Building on both our successes and our… Read More

Reflections on an inclusive way of analysing grass-root conflicts

By Love Calissendorff, Research Specialist, Generations For Peace Institute Analysing conflicts is one of the most important aspects of implementing peace-building programmes. Understanding the conflict(s) and context(s) in which a programme is being implemented is crucial in order to ensure that it addresses the relevant issues. That being said, analysing conflicts can be both complicated and time consuming. There are also several different theoretical frameworks and methodologies to navigate depending on the type and scope of the programme, which can be confusing when embarking on a conflict analysis. This piece will focus on… Read More

Rethinking Our Session Evaluation Methods

Edward and GFP volunteers at AT16

By Edward Beswick, Research Coordinator, Generations For Peace Institute You are at a training, it is the end of a long day of an even longer week, you are tired, you have just sat through a two-hour long session full of theory, practice, and group work; increasingly your thoughts turn to dinner and your plans for the evening; the day seems to be finally over. But then, you are told you must evaluate the session you just sat through, and someone reminds you, once again, how important your feedback is… sound familiar?… Read More

Getting to Know Our Summer Field Researcher

Naomi Burnett, Summer Field Researcher, Generations For Peace As part of our partnership with the University of Oxford, Generations For Peace Institute (GFPI) recruited Naomi as our Summer Field Researcher for 2016. Naomi is working alongside GFPI staff to complete a research project focused on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). For more on this new addition to GFPI, please continue reading. My name is Naomi and I am half British, half German. Originally from Berlin, I completed a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences with a focus on Human Rights Law and International Relations at… Read More

Reflections on the Alliance for Peacebuilding 2016 Annual Conference

By Generations For Peace Institute In May 2016, GFP staff Nabila Hussein and Sairah Yusuf travelled to Washington, D.C. to attend the 2016 Annual Conference of the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP). This conference, entitled, “Next Gen Peace” brought together academics, practitioners, decision-makers and philanthropists from across the broader field of peace building. The following is a reflection on their experience: What is the Alliance for Peacebuilding?  AfP is a network of over 15,000 individuals and organisations that collectively seek to achieve sustainable peace in 153 countries worldwide. Members include large-scale development organisations,… Read More