Partnering with UNICEF in Jordan

Communications Department, Generations For Peace If you have been keeping a keen eye on our social media channels, you will know that Generations For Peace (GFP) recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. A special booklet is now available online and highlights our journey, from passion to impact – do check it out. It was a unique occasion to reflect on all the organisation has achieved to date and that which is yet to come! In the spirit of reminiscing, we started thinking about 2016 – what a busy year it was! From growing partnerships to programme expansions and lots… Read More

Syria Was Once Heaven

Interview conducted by Sarah Squires, Communications Officer and Kamal Shbeir, Media and PR Manager / Photography by Richard Juilliart Since the Syrian war began in 2011, more than one million people have fled to Lebanon seeking safety and shelter. Today Lebanon has the world’s largest number of refugees per capita. One in four people in Lebanon is a refugee.          (UNHCR, 2016) ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— You are standing in a room that is less than 15 square metres. A light bulb flickers overhead, throwing a harsh light across a room that in reality is no more… Read More

Overcoming the Past with Bravery and Optimism

Social Cohesion Programme - Mafraq, Jordan

By Rosie Awad, Communications Intern, Generations For Peace “And then one day, our house was bombed and everything changed instantly. We knew we had to run…” Layan takes a sip of her water, blinking back her tears. “Don’t worry,” she reassures me. “I won’t actually start crying. I’m strong now.” Layan is one of 1600 Syrian and Jordanian girls and boys participating in the Generations For Peace-UNICEF Social Cohesion Programme in Mafraq, Jordan. Every week, they meet at their local youth community centres and spend the day participating in sport and art-based… Read More

Ukraine: The Human Cost of War

Mother and child - Ukraine

By Richard Juilliart, Generations For Peace photographer Ukraine’s Ministry of Social Policy has registered 1.6 million internally displaced people (IDPs) across the country as a result of a violent and prolonged conflict, which began in the spring of 2014. What started out as protests between pro-Russian activists and anti-government groups quickly escalated into a full-scale civil war. Since then, many families in eastern Ukraine have had no choice but to flee their homes, leaving everything behind. The devastation that resulted continues to affect many lives today. The following conveys the extent of their… Read More

Staying Here Doesn’t Mean I’m Giving up on Syria

By Sarah Squires, Communications Officer, Generations For Peace You have 24 hours to pack your bags before you flee. What do you take? Who do you say goodbye to? Hamza spent his last day in Syria with his parents. His worldly possessions were reduced to his phone, wallet and ID. By 7am the next day he was gone. “When I left all the other crossings were closed, there was only one that was safe for me to cross.” Hamza was smuggled through the region’s mountainous terrain until he finally reached the frontier… Read More