Passing it on…

The eighth, and final day of the 2014 Sochi Camp, commenced with a session on Advocacy For Peace. Advocacy For Peace refers to the process of building support among different groups for behavioural change and conflict transformation, using tools such as workshops, print or broadcast media, social media, rallies, presentations, or other means. For GFP Delegates, one of the best ways of educating people about the Generations For Peace message and recruiting them to their specific cause is to use Advocacy For Peace.

Closely connected to this is the process of Mentoring and Cascading – the focus of the following two sessions. While Advocacy For Peace is used to build support and recruit people to the GFP cause, Mentoring and Cascading help integrate them into the GFP Team.

In fact, one of the underlying philosophies of Generations For Peace is ‘cascading’. Upon the completion of Sochi Camp 2014, Delegates will return home empowered and ready to make the change they believe will help their community. When on the ground, these Delegates will implement their Generation For Peace programmes, which will lead to their certification as Pioneers. Once certified, Pioneers will cascade Generations For Peace ideals by training other youth and adults to become part of the Generations For Peace family!

Although cascading is essential, mentoring those trained is equally important. Generations For Peace realises that it is not enough to equip Delegates with the skills to implement programmes, it is crucial that the Delegates continue to be supported by Headquarters staff throughout their GFP journey. This ensures the sustainability of the cascading model.

Some of our Delegates from Turkmenistan attentive to the session on Advocacy For Peace

One thought on “Passing it on…

  1. really that is a great idea to get the generation for peace some thing encoragement specail training, skills,sports, but the must importance to get skills ,the fronkly the skills is back pone of the generation so my Idea, and I am in the name of youth. always we need how to get skills and training life and hood assistance .this points is verry imporant to get our generation.becuase every one generation when he or she grew up they have to get better future beuased every one waiting how can you take resposibility? that is a solution good if we gotten this point.


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