Simplified Monitoring, the GFP Way

During the 2013 Amman Camp, the Generations For Peace staff asked Delegates to evaluate sessions through a traffic light system. After each session two boxes were placed on each table – one for content and one for delivery – alongside three stacks of cards (green, yellow and red). Depending on their opinion of the session, the Delegate was expected to insert a green (great), yellow (average), or red (needs improvement) card into the content box, and another into the delivery box.

After each session, staff members would collect the boxes and count the coloured cards. Based on the number of green, yellow, and red cards received each session could be assessed as successful, mediocre or in need of revision. This was a simple method of evaluation!

Our Lebanese Delegates recently utilised the traffic light boxes at the Saida Hyde Park For Peace. Below you can see the recycled boxes created for the Amman Camp and the enhanced boxes utilised in Saida last week.



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