What is Monitoring?

What is monitoring? This is the question Pioneer Facilitator Zohra sought to answer in the first session of Day 8.

For Generations For Peace, monitoring is “gathering evidence of what is happening on your programme.” It is “central to the successful planning, implementation and improvements of your programmes.”

The session began with an activity that refreshed the Delegates knowledge on outcomes, impacts, and evidence indicators. After this short review, the Delegates were introduced to baselines – the measuring of outcomes and impact indicators before the programme starts. According to Zohra, noting a baseline is incredibly important, “you have to capture your situation before starting, because only then will you be able to compare this with the situation at the end of your programme, and know what change you have created.”

Conducting a baseline is the most effective way to measure your indicators during a programme. The tools used to measure these indicators include: surveys, interviews, and observations. Don’t forget, tools to measure indicators are many – use those that suit your context and your purpose.

One of our amazing Yemeni Delegates, Ghufran, fully engaged in the monitoring session


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