Day Six, Amman Camp 2013

“If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail”

During session one of Day 6, Pioneer Facilitator Safiya stressed the necessity of planning prior to commencing any programme. In order to demonstrate the importance of planning, Delegates were asked to consider the following questions:

Why are you planning an event, training session, or ongoing activities?

What do you need in order to achieve your desired outcome?

Who will be involved in the session(s) you are planning?

How will you deliver the programme you are planning?

When and where will you carry out your programme?

With what resources will you implement the programme?

Questions of this sort will grant Delegates insight into what they need, how they will satisfy that need, and remind them of why they are hosting the programme in the first place. In addition to asking these questions before commencing a programme, Safiya stressed the importance of monitoring and evaluating during the programme.

Like Churchill, Generations For Peace realises that planning is integral to success.

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